Need someone to talk to? about love, about depression anything (oops disregard sex, it's not on my list :-) ) I'm here to listen. Do you need a cheerful chat buddy? Serious and Jolly companion here. Ask Me Anything.

Nov 13, 2017

Hi, There.

Need a reliable friend? I am a good listener, I love communicating and a true friend that can keep secrets. I have tons of that :-). 

I am from the Philippines, we are known to be a hospitable and friendly, So am I. A genuine person who has the heart to extend help, but limited to financial help. lol, I don't have that, but I have a treasure that I can brag about and that is I am someone who is willing to be your shock absorber! I can listen. 

Talk to you. SOON? :-) 

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