I am a beauty blogger and had been successful in a couple of collaborations with well-known Korean brands. Recently I've been on a beauty expo in Seoul and go to know many new cosmetics brands with whom I wish to collaborate. AMA!

Karolina Yun
Jun 18, 2017

I am a beauty blogger and had been successful in a couple of collaborations with well-known Korean brands. 

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What do you think about natural cosmetics?

Jun 18, 8:31PM EDT0

Natural cosmetics are best for me BUT sometimes they do not work for specific skin problems like oily skin or skin with huge pimples. 

Jun 19, 8:41PM EDT0

How many Korean and non Korean brands have you worked with in total?

Jun 18, 6:03AM EDT0

It will be around 20 korean brands and 3 or 4 non korean ones. As you can see I prefer korean stuff ;) 

Jun 19, 8:42PM EDT0

What's special about korean cosmetic brands?

Jun 17, 10:56AM EDT0

They are well known across the world to have natural ingredients, working well and "doing their job" :) What's more, they are a bit pricey, to be honest. 

Jun 18, 3:23AM EDT0

Do you disclose your brand collaboration on your blog?

Jun 17, 7:10AM EDT0

Hi Janice, not sure what do you mean by disclose? When I am reviewing a product giving a company name and everyone who joins my blog can see it. No secrets here. What's more, I always write that this particular item had been giving to me by an XXX company for a review purposes. 

Jun 18, 3:25AM EDT0

Have you ever had a bad reaction from a product you reviewed?

Jun 16, 5:11AM EDT0

Yeah, it happened a couple of times but usually after 2-3 weeks of using the product. Then I am making some update note on my review about what happened to my skin. 

Jun 18, 3:26AM EDT0

What content does your blog contain, besides reviews?

Jun 15, 9:45PM EDT0

Beauty hacks, a bit of photography (one of my hobbies) and lots of stuff about S.Korea and living in Asia. 

Jun 18, 3:27AM EDT0

What are the most popular types of cosmetics in Korea?

Jun 15, 9:25AM EDT0

Most popular are CC/ BB cushions (compact foundations applied with a special sponge , that's why we call them as "cushions" ) and lip tints (kind of lip ink which will colour your lips for a couple of hours).  

Jun 18, 3:28AM EDT0

Can you describe what it's like to attend a beauty expo?

Jun 15, 8:52AM EDT0

Hi, sure. Actually, it's a bit stressful feeling because some of the brands who are there know you reminds you of reviews or heard about you from another bloggers/ companies.  But all in all, it's fun and great opportunity to meet other bloggers! 

Jun 18, 3:30AM EDT0

How did you choose the platform for your blog?

Jun 14, 9:22AM EDT0

I checked out which platform is most "friendly" and I won't spend much $ on it while having great features and possibilities. I chose Blogger (Google blog). 

Jun 18, 3:31AM EDT0

What percentage of your blog reviews are positive and negative?

Jun 14, 8:47AM EDT0

I guess most of my reviews are positive or neutral. Even is some cosmetics are not working on my skin, I always try to find some positives, like the natural ingredient or packing or price. 

Jun 18, 3:32AM EDT0

Do you post testimonials from customers on your beauty blog?

Jun 14, 8:45AM EDT0

Hi, nope. My blog is my own space and I do not allow another people to write on there without my permission. If a company would ask me to copy & paste another blogger's words, I wouldn't agree. 

Jun 18, 3:33AM EDT0

What are your tips for consumers who want free beauty samples?

Jun 14, 7:32AM EDT0

Hi, it's hard to say if customers can get free beauty samples easily if they do not have any blog or youtube channel where they can share an either positive or negative opinion about the item. The best way is to ask "I would like to try this item because I am thinking to get a full-size packing later on". It might work but depends on a shop clerk. 

Jun 18, 3:35AM EDT0

How can consumers be sure they're not getting a fake brand?

Jun 14, 6:55AM EDT0

Before receiving any item from a brand for a review, always checking what this brand is about if have some space on the internet or appear "out of nowhere".  Consumers who want to buy some goodies, usually check for them in huge online malls. I wouldn't recommend eBay tho.. lots of fake k beauty cosmetics I saw there. 

Jun 18, 3:36AM EDT0

What are your favorite tech tools for keeping a blog?

Jun 14, 1:06AM EDT0

I like "followers" gadget on Blogger (Google blog). It allows my readers to follow my blog and get an update if I wrote something new. 

Jun 18, 3:37AM EDT0

How do you keep track of traffic to your blog?

Jun 13, 11:17PM EDT0

I am working in social media marketing field so I know a lot about SEO. Trying to write my articles on a blog as an "SEO friendly ones. Apart from this, using Google analytics. Since my blog is on Google platform it's very easy to keep an eye on it. 

Jun 18, 3:39AM EDT0

Have you heard any horror stories about using Korean cosmetics?

Jun 13, 8:39PM EDT0

A bunch of them actually. Usually, those are some stories about burning skin face because some ingredients do not work well on a sheet mask. But fortunately, nothing like this happened to me personally. 

Jun 18, 3:40AM EDT0

How do you collaborate with beauty brands as a blogger?

Jun 13, 8:07PM EDT0

I receive "PR Packages" which contain a cosmetics for my honest review. Most of the reviews I upload on my blog, some on my Instagram. sometimes companies make "repost", which means taking my pics and words about their item and put on their website as a testimonial. 

Jun 18, 3:41AM EDT0

What makes Korean cosmetic products different from others?

Jun 13, 5:27PM EDT0

Natural ingredients I guess :) Also look at all those Asia ladies, they do look young and sexy even they reach 40 + age! 

Jun 18, 3:43AM EDT0

How can consumers distinguish paid reviews for products?

Jun 13, 4:51PM EDT0

It's up to blogger but most of them write some information under review like " this product had been given to me by XX company but my review is honest", something like this. 

Jun 18, 3:44AM EDT0

Do you have any favorite YouTube beauty tutorial hosts?

Jun 13, 10:12AM EDT0

Yes I do, and she has nothing to do with Korean beauty industry! I love watching Tati Westbrook channel. 

Jun 18, 3:43AM EDT0

Have you or would you give video beauty tutorials?

Jun 13, 9:29AM EDT0

Hi, Youtube is definitely NOT my place ;) I prefer writing and takings pics instead of doing my best in front of the camera. I would stick with writing a blog, however, if someone who has a Youtube channel would propose a collaboration on video, I would agree and link that video on my blog! 

Jun 18, 3:46AM EDT0

How do you obtain beauty products for your blog?

Jun 13, 9:16AM EDT0


At first, when I started to be a beauty blogger, I was buying cosmetics by own money and send some request from samples to various K-beauty companies. Now, most of the companies write to me themselves with a collaboration proposal. 

Jun 18, 3:47AM EDT0

How does the cost of Korean cosmetic compare with others?

Jun 13, 7:20AM EDT0

Korean (basically Asian) cosmetics are a bit more expensive if you buy them online (not domestically) coz of sending fee, export and all that stuff. 

Jun 18, 4:05AM EDT0

Do you personally test every product you blog about?

Jun 13, 5:15AM EDT0

Yes of course. I cannot write a review about cosmetic without trying it out. That would be unfair to my readers.

Jun 18, 4:04AM EDT0

Do you view your collaboration as a possible ethics conflict?

Jun 13, 4:36AM EDT0

Not really. My last name is Korean because I am married to Korean, so most of the brands even thing I am Korean who looks too much like a European or had been a mixed baby ;) I never had any racist attack on me because I only using and recommend Korean cosmetics. actually many westerns are interested in this field! 

Jun 18, 4:03AM EDT0

What are some good sources for buying Korean cosmetics?

Jun 12, 11:39PM EDT0

For sure original domestic sites of the particual beauty brand. If you have no change to get items directly from a distributor then online malls like G-market. 

Jun 18, 4:02AM EDT0

What did you find most surprising about Seoul?

Jun 12, 11:33PM EDT0

Hard to tell since I am living near Seoul for 3 years now. Maybe hmmm price of food? it's very expensive even for a simple iced coffee. 

Jun 18, 4:01AM EDT0

Are fake brands a problem in the beauty business?

Jun 12, 9:56PM EDT0

Not really. I came across onto some fake brands a couple of time but it;s very easy to distinguish that some company is not real and "fishy". 

Jun 18, 3:58AM EDT0

What is your view on Korean cosmetics intended to whiten skin?

Jun 12, 9:51PM EDT0

Actually, I do not understand this, to be honest...  

Asians should keep their natural skin color.. not pretending to be "white".  For me all those cosmetics which are supposed to whiten skin are fake, working only for a couple of hours and make me think like skin colour does matter in every society... this is so bad. 

Last edited @ Jun 18, 3:59AM EDT.
Jun 18, 3:57AM EDT0

What are the best perks about being a beauty blogger?

Jun 12, 9:33PM EDT0

Free cosmetics, for example, :P Let's face the truth, good cosmetics with natural ingredients are expensive but as a Beauty blogger I can get them for free :P Meeting another cosmetics freaks is a nice side too. 

Jun 18, 3:56AM EDT0

What is your favorite thing about the city of Seoul?

Jun 12, 7:19PM EDT0

Nothing... to be honest :) It's a loud and overcrowded city where everything is the expensive and double price! I am not living in Seoul, I am living like 1 hour away :) 

Jun 18, 3:55AM EDT0

What are some popular Korean beauty brands?

Jun 12, 6:48PM EDT0

Swanicoco, Benton, Zymogen, Skin Factory, Boom De Ah Dah and the list go on... ;) 

Jun 18, 3:54AM EDT0

What are your own favorite cosmetic products?

Jun 12, 5:20PM EDT0

I love CC cushions (liquid foundations applied by a special sponge) and sheet masks (material masks which you put on your skin for around 10-15 min to get your skin bouncy, well hydrated and bright). 

Jun 18, 3:53AM EDT0

How do you choose which products to blog about?

Jun 12, 4:50PM EDT0

Mostly, I am blogging about skincare items. After receiving a product I am using it for a couple of weeks and then writing my honest review. 

Jun 18, 3:52AM EDT0

What are some good online sources for free product samples?

Jun 12, 2:11PM EDT0

Hard to say to be honest. I am communicating only with Korean companies so not sure what sites would be best in your country. 

Jun 18, 3:51AM EDT0

Are you ever paid to write reviews for beauty products?

Jun 12, 2:04PM EDT0

Yeah, sometimes. But most of my collaborations are like: receive an item for free but write a review about it on my social media. I have a stable marketing job so I don;t need to ask for money for a review. 

Jun 18, 3:50AM EDT0

What would you do if you were paid to review a bad product?

Jun 12, 1:20PM EDT0

I wouldn't agree on that because money is money but recommending some bad item which can cause health problems to my readers is unfair. Health and stamina are more important than a couple of $. 

Jun 18, 3:49AM EDT0

Who paid for your trip to the beauty expo in Seoul?

Jun 12, 1:19PM EDT0

I paid by myself. I am living near Seoul so it took me around an hour by metro to reach there. 

Jun 18, 3:48AM EDT0