Hi, I am KC, CEO of KcNwakalor Photography. I tell stories through my photographs. Ask Me Anything

Aug 12, 2017

The focus will be on documentary photography sharing African stories, culture and lifestyle.


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Do you have a Getty Images account?

Aug 11, 1:29AM EDT0

No, i don't. But I have an account with Shutterstock and a few other stock photography websites.

Aug 11, 12:47PM EDT0
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Where do you post your pictures, on which social media?

Aug 10, 4:26PM EDT0

I post my pictures on Instagram, that is where the photo lovers are.

I also use Flickr, facebook, twitter and my website. 

Aug 11, 12:46PM EDT0
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How long have you been a Photographer?

Aug 10, 2:03PM EDT0

As funny as it may sound, I have been a photographer for barely two years.

I am happy with the progress I have made so far and hopeful towards breaking new grounds.

Aug 11, 12:45PM EDT0
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What is your favorite type of photography to shoot?

Aug 10, 6:40AM EDT0

I love documentary photography, Photojournalism and travel photography. I just love shooting people while they are doing their thing.

Aug 10, 1:58PM EDT0
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Where can I learn more about the psychology behind good composition?

Aug 10, 5:56AM EDT0

New York Institute of Photography offers many great photography courses, You can start from there.

Good composition is a natural result of becoming visually aware (seeing as a photographer), in as much as many books and materials will direct you on this, true success comes through constant practice. Also following and studying the works of your favorite photographers is also a great way to go.

Aug 10, 1:57PM EDT0
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What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

Aug 9, 6:06PM EDT0


I want my viewers to learn about the story behind the people I photograph.

Aug 10, 1:51PM EDT0
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When travel, what all do you take with you? Why?

Aug 9, 4:47PM EDT0

I usually go with my Mac, Nikon Camera,  Prime lens (50mm and 35mm), Tripod, reflector, Hard drive and a bunch of memory cards.

Aug 9, 6:53PM EDT0
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Which is your favorite lens? Why?

Aug 9, 1:35PM EDT0

35mm Prime Lens.

It can be used to shoot almost anything.

It is my go to Lens.

Aug 9, 6:49PM EDT0
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In the field, what are your settings?

Aug 9, 9:42AM EDT0

It depends, but most of the time, I use ISO 100 at 1/200th sec at F3.2.

I use 35mm Prime lens most of the time.

Aug 9, 6:47PM EDT0
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How do you get the person, place or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film in just the way you want?

Aug 9, 8:23AM EDT0

I move around.

Before I start taking photographs, I should have a clear picture of what I want to create, I keep searching for it till I find it, most times I'm lucky, other times I'm not.

Aug 9, 6:57PM EDT0
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Exactly what it is you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

Aug 9, 5:57AM EDT0

I want my photographs to convey emotions and express humanity.

I get that by spending time and bonding with my subjects before photographing them.

Aug 9, 6:43PM EDT0
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What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

Aug 9, 3:18AM EDT0


I'd say I wish I knew how to paint.

Like is the most important component of a photographer, the deeper the understanding the better and I think most painters know this.

Aug 9, 6:41PM EDT0
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How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Aug 8, 8:38PM EDT0

I talk with other photographers, especially the ones I consider to be more knowledgeable and experienced. I also attend photography workshops or events where I can learn new skills.

Learning never stops, for me.

Aug 9, 6:38PM EDT0

I see, good point

Aug 12, 2:33PM EDT0

Do you sell your photos as stock photography?

Aug 8, 7:09PM EDT0

Not yet. I'm considering it but I haven't started yet.

I do sell my images directly for retail use.

Aug 9, 6:36PM EDT0
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How do you get paid to do what you want to do with your photography?

Aug 8, 6:31PM EDT0

I'm not sure I understand your question, But it depends on the kind of work, I am contracted to do.

Assignments are usually charged on daily rates and other expenses that have to do with travel.

Aug 9, 6:34PM EDT0
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Whose work has influenced you most?

Aug 8, 5:18PM EDT0

Apart from great Historic Photographers I have had to read about, I'm most influenced by the works of Bayo Omoboriowo, Tom Saater, Nadia Shira Cohen and many great photographers across the world.

Aug 9, 6:31PM EDT0

Among your works, which one is your favorite?

Aug 8, 4:51PM EDT0

It is difficult to say, but I love this image from one of my recent trips to Maiduguri, a terror torn city in Borno State, Nigeria.

In appreciation for our visit to their community, the young boy gave a thumbs-up.An unidentified boy in a terror torn city in Borno State, Nigeria gives a thumbs-up in appreciation to Connected Development's (CODE) Visit to their city.

Aug 9, 6:24PM EDT0

Love the photo! 

Aug 12, 2:18PM EDT0

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

Aug 8, 3:47PM EDT0

I'm motivated by the stories of people I meet and shoot, most of my assignments are in rural areas where people do not have access to Electricity, good roads, Clean drinking water and most of the basic things necessary for urban living. I'm often inspired by their contentment, their smiles, and hope towards life.For me, taking photographs is my way of expressing myself.

Economically, Photography is a profitable industry which in my opinion has not attained its full potential just yet. There are lots of opportunities waiting to be taken.

Aug 9, 6:10PM EDT0
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How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Aug 8, 3:25PM EDT0

I started off taking pictures for fun, taking pictures of just about anything until I figured out that there was a great opportunity to make a living off it.

I started taking courses online on Alison, Shawacademy... etc Reading articles that had to do with photography. After trying out a number of genres, I knew, I was called to be a Visual Storyteller, so I enrolled for a photojournalism course with New York Institute of Photography. and that was it.

Aug 9, 5:57PM EDT0

Have you worked with large format film cameras?

Aug 8, 3:20PM EDT0

Sadly, I haven't. I'd love to try them out someday....

Aug 8, 3:27PM EDT0
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How does black and white vs color play into your work?

Aug 8, 2:28PM EDT0

I shoot mostly in color, I convert to black and white when I want to portray an intense story, taking away the distractions that might come with colors in an image.

For me; To consider an image fit for black and white conversion, it should have good contrast, tones, texture and shapes playing out in synergy.

Aside from trying to show intensity and depth using black and white, I love vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges for the subject.

Aug 8, 3:40PM EDT0
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in your own view and perspective as a documentary photographer, what is the true african story?

Aug 8, 6:06AM EDT0

Personally, I think the African Story is about our beautiful culture, our crafts, our arts, our heritage, language and every single thing that makes us Africans.

The African Story is one we will continue to pursue, visualize and preserve.

Aug 8, 3:45PM EDT0

I've been a few times and its a faszinating continent but also very cruel at times but with endless motives for photographers

Aug 12, 2:55PM EDT0
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