Hey, My name is Parvez. I'm a online journalist. AMA

Aug 12, 2017

Online journalism means journalism in internet magazines or media.

Features of online journalism:-

1. Immediately after the incident, it is possible to publish it like a radio TV. There is also the facility of sending news updates to the mail again. It can be done in a variety of ways, including Google Feedbner.

2. The durability of published reports online is much more. It is always possible to archive the archived reports. It's much easier to find out than any other media (print, radio, and TV).

3. It is possible to attach graphics, audio, music, video footage and animations along with writing in online newspapers. As a result, it becomes enjoyable.

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There are debates concerning whether some content available online is entirely ethical; e.g. the execution video of Saddam Hussein. Do you think there is a need for some form of gate-keeping?

Aug 12, 3:23PM EDT31

Difficult question

Aug 13, 4:48AM EDT82

Um, sooooory

Aug 13, 11:48AM EDT36

How can journalism schools meet the needs of newsrooms?

Aug 12, 10:31AM EDT0

The rapidly changing media environment makes it essential for journalists to constantly explore what their audiences want and how to tell and deliver the best story,” said Shazna Nessa, Knight Foundation director for journalism. “By creating a model for journalism schools to integrate design thinking into their programs, The New School is helping to develop change leaders in the industry focused on producing excellent journalism that meets community information needs, while promoting innovation.”

Aug 12, 11:09AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer. How many journalists do you think want to go into television on average? Is this 'THE' ultimate position for a journalist or what would you say is most journalists highest goal?

Aug 12, 7:13PM EDT0

Do you think that there is any information that is “too dangerous” to print? Why or why not?

Aug 12, 8:31AM EDT0

Sometime It's too dangerous.

Aug 12, 11:10AM EDT0

Interesting! Who makes the decision what is and what isn't too dangerous to report based on what grounds?

Aug 12, 7:18PM EDT0

How best can journalism students prepare for the future?

Aug 12, 7:05AM EDT0

I’m not sure if journalism is still journalism without reporters or fact-checkers, and I don’t think algorithms or automations will replace boots-on-the-ground reporting.But I do see a lot of merit in thinking about the types of skills that journalists may need to learn to enhance their reporting, determine how to find the largest possible audience for that reporting and measure whether or not a piece successfully reached its intended audience.I recently surveyed a bunch of journalists to see what skills we wish we had learned in college. Kelsey Proud, the managing editor of digital at WAMU, encapsulated what many others said: “I think I had a pretty well-rounded collegiate experience at the University of Missouri. However, like many journalists, I'd imagine, I do wish I'd taken more in computer science and business management. I've garnered knowledge around those topics as I've grown as a professional but I would have benefited from more discussion of the finer points in school.”In my survey, most people, like Proud, wished they had taken more classes in statistics or computer science or business. (If you’re currently in school and want to work in journalism, I recommend taking one of each of these.)If you’re out of school, however, there’s still hope if you want to be the world’s next data and algorithms investigator or the platforms manager for your newsroom. And there’s not necessarily a need to go back to school — many of these roles have lots of resources online that you can access for free.

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Aug 12, 7:14AM EDT0

Great advice, thank you so much!

Aug 12, 7:59PM EDT0

How would you define a professional journalist in an age where anyone is able to publish online?

Aug 12, 4:02AM EDT0

18 years+

Aug 12, 6:32AM EDT0
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What books/magazines/newspapers do you read?

Aug 12, 3:30AM EDT0

The New York Times

Aug 12, 6:45AM EDT0

Isn't that a bit one-sided? Don't you get information from various publications to get better rounded information as some publications tend to be more left or right wing orientated in their opinions?

Aug 12, 7:22PM EDT0

Do you agree that the increase in competition in online news has the potential to glorify rumour and hearsay?

Aug 12, 1:42AM EDT0

yes, I agree

Aug 12, 6:46AM EDT0
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Do you believe online journalism presents new ethical dilemmas and should have standards of its own?

Aug 11, 11:08PM EDT0

Yes, Why not?

Aug 12, 6:48AM EDT0
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What risks do the journalists take in revealing a story? Are those risks worth it? Why or why not?

Aug 11, 10:17PM EDT0

Every journalist finds their story worth risking their integrity and life. They make a full coverage by research unless it is just a trivial matter. I  don't think a capable journalist will succumbed himself in a lousy story not worth risking for

Aug 12, 6:50AM EDT0

Would you be prepared to risk your job and maybe more if you could uncover something that might not sit well with higher authorities? 

Aug 12, 8:27PM EDT0

Do you think that online journalism has threatened the role of ‘gate-keeping’?

Aug 11, 8:09PM EDT0

Not at all

Aug 12, 6:49AM EDT0

Can you comment on?

Aug 13, 12:02AM EDT0

Do you think it is now harder for the reader to recognize news from a reliable source?

Aug 11, 7:33PM EDT0

Yes, It's hard 

Aug 12, 6:57AM EDT0
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How did you get into this field?

Aug 11, 7:27PM EDT0

By hard working

Last edited @ Aug 12, 7:00AM EDT.
Aug 12, 7:00AM EDT93
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What exactly is a General Journalist?

Aug 11, 6:55PM EDT0

A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public. A journalist's work is called journalism. A journalist can work with general issues or specialize in certain issues.

Aug 12, 6:59AM EDT0

What do you specialize in?

Aug 13, 12:13AM EDT0

What is the biggest strength of young journalists?

Aug 11, 6:52PM EDT0

Your strengths are a mixture of your talents, knowledge and skills. The theory behind strengths is based on positive psychology: everyone has strengths they are born with but few people know what these are. By identifying your strengths and matching yourself to the role, you will enjoy it more and perform better that those who have to try hard to fill the role.

Aug 12, 7:01AM EDT0

I agree 

Aug 12, 7:51PM EDT0

Would you class a blogger as an online journalist?

Aug 11, 6:16PM EDT0

 Blogging is not Journalism

Aug 12, 7:01AM EDT0

How would you define a blogger then? 

Aug 12, 8:13PM EDT0

How do you follow major news stories?

Aug 11, 6:02PM EDT0

As a journalist, I make a new lede each time, especially if the story lingers for a longer period.  Frankly speaking, writing follow up stories can be challenging because you have to see to it that the lede reflects the latest development or update in the story.


On the other hand, as an ordinary reader who want to keep abreast with a major story, I look it up on the various media available and in the social media.

Aug 12, 7:02AM EDT0

Do you think it is ethical to base reporting on your personal views or should it be completely objective?

Aug 12, 7:53PM EDT0

What do you think of the state of British journalism?

Aug 11, 5:48PM EDT0

It was a brash claim, and it embellished the image of the paper’s proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive of News Corp., as a Wizard of Oz-like figure, moving the levers of British politics.

Over the past two decades, Mr. Murdoch’s powers and prescience seemed to grow. In 1997, News Corp.’s British dailies, The Sun and The Times, switched their allegiance to Labour and Tony Blair. Labour won the next election. More recently, the Murdoch papers swung back to the Tories, who subsequently prevailed in the 2010 election.

Meanwhile, in the pages of The Sun or another News Corp. tabloid, The News of the World, modern Britain looked more and more like a Munchkinland of C-list celebrities, soccer players’ wives and plastic surgery victims.

Aug 12, 7:03AM EDT0

True there's a strong political influence to be felt in the various papers but the latter were always known as gossip papers with no real content

Aug 12, 7:47PM EDT0

How is online news affecting traditional values of objectivity?

Aug 11, 5:45PM EDT0

A more optimistic note involved the overall quality of journalism. When asked, "How would you describe the impact these changes have had on the quality of your organization's journalism over the past two years?" journalists responded mostly favorably. Around 21.5% said that the journalism quality at their publication had decreased. The rest of respondents said the quality of coverage had either stayed the same (32%), gotten better (35%) or gotten much better (11%).

Similarly, changes in media have had a mostly positive or neutral impact on how journalists see their own jobs. Only 16.5% of respondents said they enjoyed their jobs less because of the the shift toward digital media over the past two years

Aug 12, 7:12AM EDT0

To me that shows that the subjects questioned just displays their personal point of view in terms of where they stand politically or economically. I would like to know what age the 16.5% were though....

Aug 12, 7:41PM EDT0

How is online journalism affecting the notion of transparency?

Aug 11, 5:44PM EDT0

Embracing A Radically Transparent Reporting Process, Active Transparency For Deep Engagement, New Modes Of Transparency For New Models Of Sustainability

Aug 12, 7:10AM EDT0

It does appear to get better at times but I guess that is also due to the fact that there are so many publications about one and the same issue that it gets harder to obscure the real issue, however, I still feel that larger corporations dictate their own news in order to make more money or manipulate people to follow a certain direction

Aug 12, 8:05PM EDT0

What qualities do newspaper editors look for?

Aug 11, 5:35PM EDT0


as a direct entrant reporter or photographerApply directly to the editor of a regional or local newspaper for employment as a trainee. Their names and addresses can be obtained from current editions of Benn’s UK Media Directory and Willing’s Press Guide. Copies are available at your local library under the reference section.Pre-entryIf you have attended a full-time journalism course before obtaining employment, you will probably enter into an 18-month training contract – the first three months is likely to be a probationary period. As with direct entrants, you will still be expected to prove your competence after a period of work experience, and obtain the NCTJ’s National Certificate.

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Aug 12, 7:05AM EDT0

Thanks for your detailed answer! Good pointers! 

Aug 12, 7:57PM EDT0

How far do you agree with the notion that immediacy is now being prioritized over accuracy?

Aug 11, 5:26PM EDT0

about 10 years

Aug 12, 7:08AM EDT0

What did you meant under this answer?

Aug 13, 12:25AM EDT0

What is online journalist?

Aug 11, 2:00PM EDT0

Digital journalism also known as online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.

Aug 11, 2:17PM EDT0
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