Ask Me Anything. Short version I am Aznor from Kuala Lumpur. New to blogging and an aspiring webmaster.

Aznor Azizul
Aug 12, 2017

I love blogging on certain things that caught my interest. I owned 3 celebrity fansites and two blogs at the moment. I love traveling but my time is cquite limited at the moment. Lets discuss on your journey in the web.

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What are the topics you’ve found really resonates with the readers?

Aug 12, 8:40PM EDT61

people will mostly read i you talk about what closest to your heart. If you really love to travel then you should share with them your passion.

Aug 13, 1:54AM EDT27
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Do you want to work for a newspaper or a TV station?

Aug 12, 8:33PM EDT0

I would love to..do u know any offer?

Aug 13, 1:55AM EDT0

Do you do voice overs?

Aug 12, 4:31AM EDT33

I haven't ventured into that..

Aug 13, 1:55AM EDT45
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How long have you been blogging for?

Aug 12, 3:55AM EDT26

I start blogging since 2014

Aug 13, 1:55AM EDT92
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Have you worked on API documentation?

Aug 12, 3:34AM EDT0

Unfortunately no.

Aug 13, 1:55AM EDT0

How long have you been a Journalist?

Aug 12, 12:55AM EDT0

I have been doing that quite recently.

Aug 13, 1:56AM EDT0

What topics seem to get the most engagement?

Aug 11, 11:41PM EDT60

Based on my experience travel and gossip nail the most

Aug 13, 1:57AM EDT52
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Do you use wordpress for you blog?

Aug 11, 10:32PM EDT94

Some of them because I am having a hard time with hackers and virus

Aug 13, 1:56AM EDT25
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What do you think are the essentials any blog should have in order to be successful?

Aug 11, 9:30PM EDT17

Content is king. Be yourself!

Aug 13, 1:58AM EDT42
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Have you published any articles?

Aug 11, 8:02PM EDT68

I have bt not on the paper. Still striving to make it happens

Aug 13, 1:57AM EDT60
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Where are you from?

Aug 11, 8:00PM EDT69

Kuala Lumpur

Aug 13, 1:58AM EDT27
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Why don’t we use GIFS anymore? Is that a thing of angsty teens and Tumblr?

Aug 11, 8:00PM EDT28

It sometimes a lot of hassle especially if you have slow connection.

Aug 13, 1:59AM EDT48
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What is the best way for someone to market their site?

Aug 11, 6:14PM EDT71

Keep on sharing through all the medium you have. It might be slow but work like miracle

Aug 13, 1:59AM EDT66
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What is the difference between a regular blogger and a fansite blogger?

Aug 11, 4:55PM EDT57

Searching news fr celebrities might be hard because we want to give out positive vibe to our visitors.

Aug 13, 2:00AM EDT44
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Describe how did you first get into blogging?

Aug 11, 2:41PM EDT19

I like writing but I want to do something from my writing. That's how it starts

Aug 13, 2:00AM EDT33
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Have you ever met anyone famous?

Aug 11, 2:41PM EDT24

I want to meet Alyssa Milano & Hugh Jackman. I adored them a lot

Aug 13, 2:01AM EDT31
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For newer bloggers, or those wanting to turn their blog into a business, what would you suggest focusing on first?

Aug 11, 1:07PM EDT28

Focus on getting your content and seo marketing optimized first.

Aug 13, 2:01AM EDT22
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Do you want to write for a newspaper?

Aug 11, 12:41PM EDT31

I would love to if given a chance.

Aug 13, 2:02AM EDT77
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How long did it take to get your first blog up and running?

Aug 11, 12:37PM EDT0

It takes me a week or two for all things set up

Aug 13, 2:02AM EDT0
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