Ask me anything Nicolo. Born In Venice on 06th October 1987 in Venice

Oct 11, 2017

lawyer, working for railwas company in Italy.

Freelance, i have a B&B and Cpr/first aid instructor..

I live between Venice and Bologna, depends from the time so ask to me and i'll give you all the information, if i'm in Bologna or Venice. I am a sociable person who likes to meet new people, with an open mind and want to have fun. I am willing to welcome people from all over the globe.

First aid instructor, free lancer. I started playing the piano at 6 years and 13 to play the drums. Running, gym. Swimming..the water is the best place where you can find your peace of mind more ancestral. Apnea. I love skiing and in the summer i like to tan both sea and rock climbing in the mountains.

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